Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Have you seen my potty?

I am contemplating when to begin the chore of potty-training my two-year old boy. I want the diaper-free stage to get here, I just don't want to go through all the work involved in getting to that point. Know what I mean?

So my sister suggested that I take a look at this book. It's called Have You Seen My Potty? by Mij Kelly and it is hilarious!

In the book, little Susie Sue has "something very important to do". Unfortunately, someone has swiped her potty! So Susie Sue asks each animal if they have seen her potty. The animals each tell her they haven't seen her potty because they don't know what a potty IS. The funny part is that all the animals are oohing and ahhing over the great new poo-pot that they found. They are each anxiously awaiting their turn to use it as Susie Sue searches everywhere for her potty!

The illustrations by Mary McQuillan are bright and colorful. The look on Susie Sue's face as well as the animals' faces are hilarious. In the end, Susie Sue decides that she is going to have do go ahead and do her "something important". Disaster is averted as the animals notice what she is about to do and exclaim, "Haven’t you learned, or have you forgotten? Always poo with a poo-pot under your bottom!"

This book is sure to get your kids giggling.


Anonymous said...

I am a fan of "potty" books and am now sorry that I don't have a child to potty train just so I could buy this book!

Instead, I'll send it to my sister for my nephews!

Marilyn said...

You'll have to check out your library and see what other "potty" books they have. I would recommend a book called "Your New Potty" by Joanna Cole. It's a non-fiction and has some good advice for mommies trying to get the job done.

Erika said...

I finally got this one from the library and my 3 year old daughter LOVES it (we're having poo issues with her so it's perfect). She's starting to call her potty a poo-pot. Much more entertaining than the one Marilyn mentioned (sorry, but it is). It's a big hit and I think I'm going to buy a copy.